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Juice You Can Feel Proud To Drink

I often say that my life is a series of beverages spread throughout the day; don’t believe me? Peep my Instagram.

I am happy to admit that I drink many of my calories. That said, my juice habits leave some room for improvement- mainly all the waste produced in the process of juicing.

Now, there are amazing brands like NudFud that use pulp in their AMAZING crackers and snack options and my new favourite LOOP Juice is taking it to another level.

Because did you know that your daily or weekly juice habit is leaving a negative carbon footprint? I KNOOOOOW, I was slightly oblivious too. But the facts are this, almost half of the worlds fruit and vegetables are wasted simply because they don’t meet aesthetic standards that grocery stores require. Not only is this rude but it’s wasteful. 

This is where LOOP Juice steps in and uses the discarded produce that doesn’t make it from farm to grocery, for whatever reason (shape, size, bumps, bruises); which means we can all feel good about the juice we drink.

But WAIT, there’s more!

There’s a reason why this juice is called LOOP, and it’s not because they closed the loop between farm and supermarket; this still begs the question, what about the pulp? 

In a GENIUS move, LOOP Juice repurposes the pulp from juice to make high fibre, nutrient dense, full of the good stuff doggy treats. I meeeean!

I love a beverage- like LOVE, but what makes me love this beverage THE MOST is that I can feel good about the whole process from start to finish.

LOOP deserves a cheer.


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