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How To Rise To Your Best Life: My Best Life Manifesto

How To Rise To Your Best Life: My Best Life Manifesto

You know what? In recent years I have become dismayed with the “New Year, New Me” bs, not because I don’t believe in self improvement, because I do ( want proof? click here), but I feel like it should be retitled “New Year, Best Me”, because unless you are a certifiably terrible person, it’s not about being new, it’s about rising to your best.

Along those lines, this year I created a life manifesto, a motto for the year; and then I made action steps- CLEAR daily + weekly activities- that ensure I’m living the motto daily; because this is where the rubber hits the road when it comes to rising to my best life.

I wanted to share my manifesto for 2019 and the steps I’m taking to make this my best year yet, in hopes of inspiring the same for you!

The Motto – Live My Best Life

This term is bandied about by many- myself included- but what does living my (or your) best life mean? Because it’s easy to say it but it’s another ball of wax to walk the walk daily, which is why I dug deep to determine HOW exactly I live my best life.

Here are the habits that have me ascending to the BEST EVER BIANCA.

Exercise 5x/week

I tolerate exercise. I’m not one of those people that enjoys working out, or craves it- NOPE, that’s not me. But this isn’t license for me not to work out, because when I don’t move my body regularly and with intention I notice my resolve and motivation wane. This year, each week Sunday, I book in all my workouts- in pen- in my calendar and I book online to any classes I’m taking, which leaves little room for excuses. Look, when I feel amazing, I’m unstoppable; and though I may hold some disdain for exercise, I know I need it.

80% Home Cooked Meals

The irony that a professionally trained private chef and meal planning expert who studied nutrition has to set an intention to cook more is not lost on me, but I’m a woman of the real world; and just like you, after a long day, the last thing I feel like doing is cooking for myself. BUT when I did some accounting I realized that I spend an EXORBITANT amount of money on food, the “I’m hungry and need something quick” food, which is rarely as healthy as I’d like it to be and costs me more money than I care to share. So this year I vow to cook 80% (ish) of my meals at home and the rest is party time! Which means I pen in my grocery trips, create a budget for food and create a meal plan- pretty much doing what people pay me to do, but for myself lol.

1 L of Water per Day

I have a confession, I hate water. It’s bland, and as a chef, I love flavour; that said, hating water is no excuse to avoid drinking it. Setting the intention for water means I’ll drink more, that’s just how I am. BUT just to ensure I don’t fail myself I put a big mason jar filled with water next to my bed and drink the WHOLE thing first thing in the morn, which is – so far- getting it done.

Work Smarter Not Harder

I have never been accused of not working hard. I’ve been an entrepreneur since 22 and at times ran my business and worked additional jobs; I’ve juggled private chef clients, workshops, online clients and maintained a blog, so laziness isn’t my issue. My issue has always been the act of spinning wheels, doing things the long and hard way because I didn’t want to ask for help OR I didn’t want to pay for help. This has proven costly and who knows where I’d be in my career and life had I implemented this sooner. Hindsight is for losers, so I’m not here to do that, but going forward working smarter is the vibe. So from henceforth when I presented with a challenge I will ask, is there someone who knows more about this than me? And then going to them for help. Simple enough, right?!

Be Myself

2018 was the year that I said “F*ck it, this is me, love me or lump me, this is Bianca”, and 2018 was great. I felt less stress, less pressure and just overall started to like myself better than ever before. AND the feedback from others has been amazing. Dropping the airs and pretense, and just being myself brought me new friends and work opportunities and I realized that “hey, I’m kind of awesome”. So 2019 is the year of More (of the real) Bianca!

Exercise Humble Confidence

It may not seem like it, but I REALLY struggled with self worth; daddy issues and body image issue really held me back. I felt unworthy of praise, affection, attention etc and damn that’s a hard way to live- it also pushes people away because I only showed one side, and therefore people didn’t really “know” me; so I would pretend I was all these things, from a place of zero confidence, which came off as abrasive and sometimes rude.

Humble confidence isn’t rude of braggadicious, it’s just knowing that “hey, I’m kind of awesome” and allowing that light to shine through in my life. I feel awesome when I work out (after I work out), when I eat healthy and when I say nice things to myself, and 2019 will be filled with these things, because in those activities is where my confidence is born.

Lead With Kindness

It’s so easy to be a bitch, especially in Toronto where everyone is moving fast and easily annoyed, but the saying “you get more bee’s with honey” always applies in life. So this year when I walk through a door, I will hold it for the person behind me. When I get off a bus or out of an uber, I will say “thank you and drive safe”. If I see someone who looks lost I will stop and help them find their way. This is the kindness the world needs and I hope to be a part of the solution.

I’m not going to sh*t you, change can be hard because it requires mindfulness, and it’s so easy to say “this year I’m going to do x or y” but it’s another matter altogether to create habits and behaviours that will truly help you achieve what you set out to do. Set the intention to get through one month of living your manifesto, and see how you feel, then take it from there. I KNOW you have 30-31 days in you 🙂

I hope my manifesto helps you outline the habits and behaviours that will help you make this your best year yet!


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