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Why Meal Prep and Planning Matters

Why Meal Prep and Planning Matters

I know I say it at nauseam, but I love meal prep and planning. I love seeing how it transforms people’s lives, and my own to be honest.

You might be thinking, k, Bianca, it’s just meal prep, we aren’t saving lives here. But I’m going to challenge you to think again.

I’ve seen clients lose weight, lower blood pressure, balance their hormones and more through healthy eating, which at its root is an exercise in meal prep and planning. I’ve seen clients pay off debt or save for a vacation through meal planning. And, although not uncommon, it’s rare that healthy and affordable meals just come together without planning- I do this professionally and I’ve had nothing just *come* together.

Why Meal Prep and Plan?

When you plan meals, you are more likely to cook at home; when you cook at home, your meals are almost definitely healthier than if you were to eat out, because, control. When you cook at home you are more likely to keep your coins in your change purse WHILE still eating really amazing meals; because, planning. *winks and shoots finger guns*

This is why I don’t just teach people how to cook, but instead empower them with the tools to effectively meal prep and prepare deliciously healthy meals that are on point and on budget.

Do More with Less

I’m a minimalist in the kitchen, meaning small grocery and prep lists, because we don’t need to sacrifice flavour for simplicity- and in my world you don’t have to.

Meal Prep and Planning matters to me, because it makes my life easier- personally and professionally. Meal Prep and Planning matters to me because I’ve seen it transform lives.

Every week I share recipes in my Weekly Newsletter and on this website for the person who wants to eat well, but doesn’t want to spend hours in the kitchen. It’s for the person who wants to *truly* learn how to cook and meal prep like a pro, so that there is nothing standing between them and a delicious meal.

So here’s what you do next- if you haven’t already done it- download the Meal Planning Made Easy Cheat Sheet, and use it; and start making magic in the kitchen.


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