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Becoming An Entrepreneur…it’s time to get real

Becoming An Entrepreneur…it’s time to get real

It’s time to get real about becoming an entrepreneur…

This year marks 10 years that I’ve been an entrepreneur and when I was becoming an entrepreneur things were VERY different. Social media was just a place to vent, now it’s become a business juggernaut with most people promoting something on their socials.

But a social media account does not an entrepreneur make. It’s SO MUCH MORE.

I wanted to take this opportunity to have a very real conversation about becoming an entrepreneur- the good, the bad and the ugly; and dispel some myths about the current state of the business. HINT: if you have never run a business, you aren’t likely to make 5k in 5 days with it, no matter how convincing an online marketer may be.

In this video I share:

  • When I became an entrepreneur.
  • The biggest nuggets of wisdom I’ve learned about entrepreneurship.
  • A caveat if you’re thinking about becoming an MLM business owner.
  • The MOST important thing to know when choosing a business coach or mentor.

Links Mentioned…

The Dream MLM Podcast – a MUST listen if your are considering becoming an entrepreneur in direct sales

STOP THE ONLINE MADNESS Podcast with Ali Brown – the best breakdown of the online business coaching space. Listen to this before hiring a coach.

One last thing about becoming an entrepreneur…

Being your own boss is a white knuckle ride through and through, but it’s made me the woman I am today. That said, (ahem, pay attention) it’s not easy; I have been challenged in ways I couldn’t have even imagined, but I came out the other side feeeeeeling myself! I talk about the ugly middle in the video.


  • Are you an entrepreneur? How long has it been?
  • Are you a newbie? Or a wannabe? Ask me anything in the comments.

Let’s start this conversation in the comments!