VOLUMETRICS...90's Diet Renewed!

If you were dieting in the 90's than the concept of Volumetrics is likely not new to you; that said when volumetrics is combined with Intermittent Fasting, weight loss magic is the result.

Allow me to explain...

intermittent fasting weight loss

The Concept

Volumetrics is based on the concept that we should focus on the volume of food we consume on a daily basis; the idea being that consuming HIGH VOLUMES of LOW CALORIE foods will leave you full and satisfied, while feeling unrestricted.

The Focus...ReImagined

The main focus is on energy density (aka calorie density) which involves calorie counting; and, although, I'm not a huge fan of calorie counting, I like to apply the principles of volumetrics from a less finicky perspective.

So instead of calories counting, look at how you can eat foods that have lower energy density in large quantities OR how you can take high density foods and stretch them out.

For Instance...

Eating a giant salad with cucumber, lettuce, tomato and a fatty fish like salmon and crumbled nuts. The salmon and the nuts are high energy density (read: calorie rich) but by using the low density, high water foods like lettuce, cucumber and tomato as a vehicle for the salmon and nuts, leaves you feeling full and satisfied using the theory of volumetrics.

Soup...Your Volumetrics Friend In Arms

I know it's summer , and potentially the thought of eating soup is far from your minds, but hear me out. Soup is THE volumetrics play.


Because by adding a flavourful broth to add bulking and volume to high energy density foods is what soup is at it's basis.

Soup is hydrating and the water acts as a vehicle for the high energy density food, but because volumetric nature of liquid, you will feel fuller faster- while still feeling satisfied!

Big Appetite? Volumetrics is for you...

I used to have the BIGGEST appetite, for many reason, one of them being I could always put large amounts of food away; but since applying the principles of volumetrics to my Intermittent Fasting protocol, I am still able to eat until I feel full and still maintain my weight ( or lose if that's what you're after).

Would you implement the principles of Volumetrics in your weight loss efforts?

intermittent fasting weight loss coach

Intermittent Fasting: The Ultimate Weight Loss Hack

I found the secret.

The ultimate health hack to losing weight.


It’s Intermittent Fasting and if you’ve heard the term before, but didn’t know what it was all about, this is for you!

Intermittent Fasting is a term used for an eating pattern that cycles between fasting and feeding; where it’s not so much about what you eat, instead it’s about when.

So even though intermittent fasting is an amazing weight loss tool, it’s not a diet in the conventional sense, it’s more of an eating pattern.

Fasting is age old

And when done correctly Intermittent Fasting can revolutionize how your body loses and maintains weight, balances hormones and ultimately operates at its highest level.

There are MANY popular methods of IF- the short form for intermittent fasting- that there is surely one that will work for you. Because when Intermittent Fasting is done wrong, it can actually make you gain weight.

What do I mean? Well, women need to make sure they find their ideal feed/fast times, or else, like I said, you can gain weight. In the Intermittent Fasting 4-Week Weight Loss Program you will figure out your fast/feed sweet spot!

So how does IF work for weight loss?

IF positively impacts hormone levels that facilitate weight loss. It’s also been shown that short term fasting may increase metabolism by 3-14%; which I am 100% here for!

But the main reason IF works is the combination of calorie restriction and the hormonal response within your fast that increases weight loss.

I starting testing the recipes and my tailored IF protocol (which you get in the Intermittent Fasting 4-Week Weight Loss Program) I have lost 6lbs...I started testing 2.5 weeks ago! IF has been the surprise of 2018 for me.

  • No hunger.
  • No deprivation.

Dare I say, it was easy…

intermittent fasting

Here are the details for the Intermittent Fasting 4-Week Weight Loss Program:

🔥Weekly group training call- where we cover EVERYTHING about intermittent fasting and creating sustainable weight loss.
🔥Weekly recipes and grocery list- so you learn how to eat for ultimate health while fasting
🔥Comprehensive guide to Intermittent Fasting- fasting styles, health hacking with IF and more!
🔥Private FB Group- to share your success and have access to me
🔥45 minute call with me- so you can learn how to make tailor your Intermittent Fasting protocol to your goals and lifestyle


NOTE this program WORKS, and this will be the only time it’s available at this price. TWO spots are spoken for, is the next one yours?!

I’m so happy to have you the program….we start May 7th!


MEATLESS: Sandwich Goals

Sandwich goals.


toronto meal planning expert

When I asked on Facebook what deterred people from adopting a plant based diet, or from eating a more vegetable centric diet, a surprising answer was giving up sandwiches.

  • “What about the cheese?”
  • “What about the mayo?”

I hear you. I listened. And I present to you the SANDWICH OF YOUR DREAMS.

Meatless or not, this sandwich is everything.

MEATLESS: The Plant Based Guide is the guide for the budding plant based enthusiast, where I will guide you to your MOST DELICIOUS plant based diet.

  • MEATLESS meals, that are impressive, don’t need to be complicated. 
  • MEATLESS meals that make you feel ALIVE, need not be expensive.
  • MEATLESS meals that are delicious, are completely possible.

MEATLESS: The Plant Based Guide is for you if…

  • You want to eat more vegetables- and have them taste good
  • You want to transition to a plant based diet
  • You want tasty new recipes to add to your repertoire


MEATLESS: Plant Based 101 Guide
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Is Collagen Worth the Hype?

If you've been wondering about collagen, I've got you covered!

There has been much hype about collagen, finding itself in powdered drinks and supplements, but many of my clients and people in my community have been wondering if collagen is worth all the acclaim.

Yes it is.

toronto meal planning expert


The Backstory on Collagen

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body- muscles, joints, blood vessels, digestive system, tendons etc. Collagen is the glue that holds the body together.

One of collagen's most popular claims is anti-aging, and it's because collagen is what gives the skin elasticity and replaces dead skin cells.

As we age collagen production goes down BUT ( and it's a big but) premature collagen damage can happen from eating too much sugar, too many merlots, smoking, sun damage and unmanaged digestion issues. Which explains premature aging based on lifestyle.

Sources of Collagen

Collagen is in a lot of places that can be derived for your body to use.

Bone Broth

Made by boiling down bones and connective tissue of animals.

  • Use bone broth ONE for ONE in recipes where stock, broth or water is called for
  • Sip on bone broth in between meals

Bone broth can be purchased in powder form and rehydrated for use in recipes. My favourite brand is Ancient Nutrition with their Turmeric variety, because I love combining the antioxidant benefits of turmeric with bone broth!



A blue green sea algae.

  • Source of copper, important for forming collagen because it's not just about taking collagen, but creating a place for the production and maintenance of collagen can thrive.


  • An effective and versatile way to consume collagen.
  • Make sure the source is GRASS-FED

Vital proteins is my choice for UNFLAVOURED or SWEET flavoured collagen- if I want savoury I use Turmeric Bone Broth listed above. Vital protein is by far the best tasting option I've had.

It's grass fed, without added sugar, dairy, soy, gluten, carrageenan and artificial flavours. In short, it's an amazing product.


Smoothies- I add vanilla or coconut Vital Proteins to my smoothie.

Matcha or Coffee- I make a daily coffee or matcha elixir and use Vital Proteins Coconut to create a frothy blend.




    The most important thing to remember about collagen is it MUST be replenished and a positive collagen environment inside your body ensures that you stay young and vibrant for years to come!

    Have you used collagen? I would love to know!





    Weight loss ISN’T just about weight loss.

    Weight loss ISN’T just about the numbers on the scale.

    Weight loss ISN’T the bikini body or #thinspo.

    Weight loss IS improved DIGESTION, from eating food that eliminates bloating and stomach aches.

    Weight loss IS abundant IMMUNITY, and not having to waste anymore days fighting a cold or flu.

    Weight loss IS delicious food, that you’re EXCITED to eat.

    ❤️Weight loss is fun
    ❤️Weight loss is easy

    If you’ve struggle to shift weight, change your mindset on it.

    ❤️Weight loss is fun
    ❤️Weight loss is easy

    ESPECIALLY when you get to eat yummy dishes like these Savoury Chickpea Balls😋



    Fibre, nutrients and high intake of veggies.

    You don’t need to be 100% plant based -I’m not; but a few plant based meals a day or week, is a great benefit to your overall health.


    In order to make plant based meals satisfying texture AND flavour is paramount. Use spices and herbs, nuts and seeds to create texture so that you feel satiated from your meals.

    • DAIRY

    Giving up dairy is the gateway to plant based and for some it stops there, but for others it’s the entire point to going plant based. I hear ALL THE TIME “I could never give up cheese’ but hear me out. Cheese is super inflammatory and if you are dealing with inflammation then giving up dairy is a great option for you.

    There are HEAPS of options that are available to give you that cheesy vibe, without any dairy at all.


    Nutritional yeast is a double whammy, because not only is it cheesy, it’s FULL of b vitamins and if you are a female this should make your ears perk up! B Vitamins are essential for the healthy regulation of fertility and hormonal health- and as opposed to some supplements, b vitamins in nutritional yeast are natural and bio-available to the body!

    BRAGGS http://amzn.to/2Cd3NW9

    • MILK

    There are so many nut milks available to you- almond, rice, hemp, coconut. I will caution you against Almond because of the environmental impact on the bees, but coconut is guilt free, creamy and full of healthy fats.

    CAVEAT…look for milks that don’t have agar agar or guar gum, these are additives that help the milk stay clump free and creamy, but these aren’t necessary and can cause digestive upsets. 

    THAI KITCHEN http://amzn.to/2Cf1Fxn


    Chicken is my favourite food, like absolute favourite, so the idea of giving up chicken gives me pause, however there are ways to get the chicken vibe, without it being chicken.


    Before I share, I want to caution you against fake meats, they are often filler and junk and will take away from your healthy goals. Use extreme caution when purchasing those, especially if you are struggling with digestion.


    Jackfruit is quickly becoming the darling of the plant based world, because of it’s ability to be shredded like chicken and take on flavours like chicken or pork. Jackfruit helps prevent anemia, so if you want to go plant based but struggle with iron intake, jackfruit can help and because of the nature of it’s composition, it helps prevent indigestion and improves the natural flow of the digestive systems.

    The Jackfruit Company http://amzn.to/2ohRaRg


    If you don’t like mushrooms, hear me out! When shredded with a fork, ouster mushrooms have the look and texture of shredded chicken breast. For tacos, salads, soups, it’s so versatile and healthy.  You’ll want to add the shredded mushroom, at the end of cooking so it keeps the texture.

    Between jackfruit and mushroom, you chicken and pork needs are covered.

    • BEEF

    REITERATE that fake meats like TVP (textured vegetable protein) are a bad idea. They are highly processed and if you reply on them too much, then your diet will not have improved, you will simply have cut meat out. Avoid if you can.



    Finely chopped, soaked and seasoned walnuts mimic ground beef to a tee! It’s uncanny. Plus you get healthy fats, fibre and a touch of protein. You must soak them or else the walnuts might be bitter.


    Again with the mushroom! I make a mean vegan Bolognese with finely chopped mushrooms and my clients flip over it. Mushrooms are an excellent sub for meaty textures while being 100% plant based.


    This product is INSANE. It’s 100% plant based burger but you wouldn’t know it. Tastes like a burger, has the texture of burger, eats like a burger. Now this isn’t an everyday treat, but this will help with the social aspect of plant based, if you are planning to go all in. You can still enjoy a burger at a bar-b-q but maintaining the integrity of your dietary choice!



    Plant based eating is NOT a death sentence for flavour, in fact it challenges you to start experimenting with textures and spices. When done right it can also help you rise to your healthiest and highest selves.



    My Story of Becoming


    As a business and mindset coach I am self taught. I taught myself business, learning how to lead employees and build a business with NO MONEY, lol.

    I taught myself mindset because I was the girl who said the worst things to herself- ALL THE NEGATIVE THINGS. But Irose from the ashes...and I'm going to tell my story of becoming...

    JANUARY 2016

    • Broken.
    • A business that I let define me, in ruins.
    • A credit rating in tatters.

    2015 was one of the hardest times in my life.

    • I felt like nothing. Nobody.
    • The Vitality Kitchen, a business that I let define me was gone.
    • Life was happening TO me and I felt like I was spinning out of control.

    JANUARY 2017

    Scared shitless.

    Having started 2016 in the lowest place of my life, I recommitted to minimalism in every area, from my business to my friendships.

    Living in my parents basement, because I gave away all my private chef clients, sold all my shit and was about to move across the country to my dream city, Toronto.

    It was something I KNEW I had to do- I had the pull for years, but ignored it. But 2016 was the year I decided this was it, I was going. And there was no turning back.

    2016 started rough, but it ended up being the year I began to MASTER MY MINDSET.

    • It was the year I told fear to FUCK off.
    • It was the year I started SAYING really nice things to myself. And meaning them.
    • It was the year that I made myself BELIEVE…in my power to live a life of ANYTHING and EVERYTHING I want.
    • It was the year that I realized that I DECIDE, with my thoughts, words and actions.

    JANUARY 2018

    The NEW Bianca.
    • Living her BEST LIFE. Like really- having teary moments of realization that I DID IT!
    • Dream private chef clients, who I legitimately think of as part of my extended family.
    • A 6-month old coaching business, that my skill, impact and love for grows by the day.

    2017 was my MOST TRANSFORMATIVE YEAR. It tested my fortitude, and it scared the living shit out of me. 

    • But I empowered myself. 
    • I proved to myself that I’ve got this. 
    • I declared hat any client, any man- any-FUCKING-thing that I want is mine if I so desire.

    Though I haven’t bought into all the New Year New Me bullshit, I am truly a NEW WOMAN. 

    And everyday I am becoming the woman I would sit and daydream about being.

    ‘I am the POWER my ancestors dreamed about”

    I want to help you step into your power.

    • Fully.
    • Boldly.

    And in a way that which your life, your business- it will change EVERYTHING.


    The Power of Patience


    Patience is what separates the immature entrepreneur from the mature entrepreneur; and it's the unsung hero of business. So often newbie business owners look around at what other more experienced entrepreneurs are doing and compare- I used to do it too; but all this does is make you feel badly about yourself.

    Patience, true patience, allows you to act mindfully and not from fear or jealousy. It allows you to grow sustainably and with strategy, without looking for get rich quick schemes. Patience is EVERYTHING!

    Here are the THREE things to remember when it comes to being patient in your business...

    NO is a Forever Thing

    Hearing no is something that happens at every level of business. The only thing that changes is you have more people coming into your business, so you start getting lots of YES, but it doesn't mean that you still don't hear no.

    When I first began in business over 8 years ago I assumed there would come a time when everyone would say yes and that I could sit back and chill with all my earnings. I was wrong.

    Now that I have a command on sales and marketing, I certainly hear yes more than no; that said, I still hear no. Sometimes I wake up to no's in my email. It's a part of the game baby.

    Develop a thick skin, because you will always hear no; but if you build your business strategy, the yes's will come sooner rather than later.

    Remember this.

    Be Patient aND In Action

    Don't sit back and be patient while doing nothing. This is something I see a lot, and not just when it comes to business. People who feel that patience means you act slower or with indecisiveness.

    It's the opposite actually. The rewards of patience require that you are continually doing the work and showing up.

    So GET INTO ACTION...because if you are doing the daily, weekly, and monthly tasks that are going to move your business forward WHILE waiting patiently for results to arrive, this is where the magic begins to happen for you.

    • Show up consistently.
    • Do the work.
    • The results will follow.

    Celebrate Your Wins

    This is often forgotten in the long game of entrepreneurship, because, by nature, we as entrepreneurs dream big; and it's easy to get into our heads and be singularly focused on our big goal. That said, we MUST celebrate the small victories.

    Small victory celebration is what keeps us in the long game. Celebrating small successes keeps our energy up and help us stay the course.

    Entrepreneurship is a LONG ROAD...small victories are the pit stops en route.


    Book Your FREE Chat with me and let's dive deep into your business...THE TIME IS NOW!

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    The Importance of Community in Your Business

    Let me tell you a story...

    I started taking coaching seriously July 3rd, 2017. 

    • I've welcomed SIX ideal clients into my business for 1on1 coaching. 
    • I sold out my bootcamp for newbie network marketers. 

    And in just a few months, people now come to me, wanting to work together #AttractionMarketing


    Facebook groups. 

    When I first embarked on my coaching business, I operated in other FB groups, booking clarity calls and getting people on my list. 

    But one thing kept coming up for me, "you should start a FB group, Bianca"

    But negative mindset creeped in...

    • "But FB groups are dead"
    • "FB groups are more work than they are worth"

    I was limiting myself. 

    So on the morning of August 17, I started my own group. The voice in the back of my head wouldn't shut up about it, so I bit the bullet and caved lol. 


    In less than a month I have welcomed over 200 people into the group. Booked FOUR 1on1 coaching clients and SKYROCKETED my business. 

    I can't believe I resisted. 

    BEST PART...I've done it WITHOUT ads and WITHOUT spamming. 

    And everyday I welcome more newbie entrepreneurs into the group, searching for support and a safe space to grow. 

    Do you want to harness the power of FB groups to grow your business? Are you ready to transform from hobby to business?

    Let me show you how to do it RIGHT. 

    • IMAGINE waking up to join requests from your ideal client and watching them come through all day long! 
    • IMAGINE waking up to messages from your ideal client wanting to work with you!

    It's all possible, when you get serious about FB groups. 

    If you're READY to grow a PROFITABLE FB Group, that get's you clients and makes you money, LET'S CHAT...book your FREE Call With...the TIME IS NOW!


    What to Look For in a Business Coach

    Lately it seems we cannot go a week without a story of a scamming coach coming to light. An over-promiser and undeliverer taking dreamers money and giving them nothing in return.

    So I thought it was HIGH TIME, I share what to look for in a coach...let this be your guide!

    Want to Coach with Me?

    • I'll hold your feet to the fire
    • I'll push you when you need
    • I'll hold you when you need
    • Ill get you where you want to go

    The Time is NOW...Book Your FREE Call!


    Is Done-For-You Content Helping Or Harming You?

    I have been blogging for my business since 2011...A LONG ASS TIME!

    And back in the day it was known- well known- that duplicate content was like a four letter expletive in the eyes of Google. But now with the rise of people wanting to capitalize online and grow their businesses, I see LOTS of done for you content circling around.


    If you are trying to drive traffic to your website and you are using DFY Content aka duplicate content, you are going to struggle.

    This video will teach you WHY you should run in the other direction when it comes to Done-For-You Content!

    Join the Fully Booked Tribe for MORE Trainings like This