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Detox Your Mind

When most people think of detox, present company included, we think of the digestive system, the liver and, frankly, weight loss; but detox is about more than a juice cleanse. Though active, daily detox of the body helps keep it in fighting form, we need to prioritize mental detox too.

You can do ALL the right things but if your mind is toxic with negative thoughts, or you surround yourself with toxic people, all the juice in the free world can’t help you.

In this this episode of the B-Sides podcast I talk about detoxing your mind, clearing away the fog to allow space for abundance and happiness to thrive.


  • Calm Meditation App- this free app is amazing, as you can pop on for a quickie 2 minute reset or a full 20 minute deep meditation…did I mention it was free?!
  • Pranayama Breathing- Breath is what can pull you out of your brain and back into your body, and this technique is thousands of years old!
  • Lavender Essential Oil- the MOST calming essential oil that helps calm the body. Rub on the bottom of your feet for the speediest delivery.


Petal Diffuser (the one in my home)- Diffusing essential oils into the air literally changes the air chemistry, by diffusing calming oils like lavender, you can impact your mood positively all day long!

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