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Getting Down with The IUD

The IUD is gaining in popularity among women, though the pill still tops the list as a contraceptive choice; with that said, there are a great many myths and misunderstandings about the IUD.

In this episode of the B-sides Podcast I dispel some of these myths and tell you why I think the IUD can be a wonderful natural contraceptive solution.

Show Notes

  • Today’s IUD is not your mother’s IUD
  • There are non-hormonal options- YAASSSS
  •  IUDs don’t cause infections...anymore
  • They won’t help your skin
  • Cramping is not uncommon
  • You might stop getting your period...BUUUUT don't get too excited
  • Size can matter...it really is the size of the boat
  • IUDs are totally reversible, and don't have negative hormonal implications