My Story of Becoming


As a business and mindset coach I am self taught. I taught myself business, learning how to lead employees and build a business with NO MONEY, lol.

I taught myself mindset because I was the girl who said the worst things to herself- ALL THE NEGATIVE THINGS. But Irose from the ashes...and I'm going to tell my story of becoming...


  • Broken.
  • A business that I let define me, in ruins.
  • A credit rating in tatters.

2015 was one of the hardest times in my life.

  • I felt like nothing. Nobody.
  • The Vitality Kitchen, a business that I let define me was gone.
  • Life was happening TO me and I felt like I was spinning out of control.


Scared shitless.

Having started 2016 in the lowest place of my life, I recommitted to minimalism in every area, from my business to my friendships.

Living in my parents basement, because I gave away all my private chef clients, sold all my shit and was about to move across the country to my dream city, Toronto.

It was something I KNEW I had to do- I had the pull for years, but ignored it. But 2016 was the year I decided this was it, I was going. And there was no turning back.

2016 started rough, but it ended up being the year I began to MASTER MY MINDSET.

  • It was the year I told fear to FUCK off.
  • It was the year I started SAYING really nice things to myself. And meaning them.
  • It was the year that I made myself BELIEVE…in my power to live a life of ANYTHING and EVERYTHING I want.
  • It was the year that I realized that I DECIDE, with my thoughts, words and actions.


The NEW Bianca.
  • Living her BEST LIFE. Like really- having teary moments of realization that I DID IT!
  • Dream private chef clients, who I legitimately think of as part of my extended family.
  • A 6-month old coaching business, that my skill, impact and love for grows by the day.

2017 was my MOST TRANSFORMATIVE YEAR. It tested my fortitude, and it scared the living shit out of me. 

  • But I empowered myself. 
  • I proved to myself that I’ve got this. 
  • I declared hat any client, any man- any-FUCKING-thing that I want is mine if I so desire.

Though I haven’t bought into all the New Year New Me bullshit, I am truly a NEW WOMAN. 

And everyday I am becoming the woman I would sit and daydream about being.

‘I am the POWER my ancestors dreamed about”

I want to help you step into your power.

  • Fully.
  • Boldly.

And in a way that which your life, your business- it will change EVERYTHING.