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Period Q+A- Answering Your Burning Questions

I get so many questions about periods. Legit, it's the topic that get's raised the most when I'm speaking with women. Which is how FLOW MAGIC was born.


  • Why is it that some months I have unbearable breast tenderness for half the month before my period, and others I have none? 

  • I have been hearing so much about estrogen related cancers lately (probably because both my parents have/had cancer so I'm obsessed with not ending up like them and therefore research everything)/ that's why I'm so paranoid about the breast tenderness thing. I also took estrogen for several periods of time when trying to conceive via in vitro. Would love to hear more about this topic- how can women be proactive and stay safe from estrogen related cancers?
  • Does the uterus increase in size during menstruation? 
  • There was one study in 2013 on Sildenafil (Viagra) to help women with cramp pain. Viagra is a vasodilator and smooth muscle relaxer. It worked on myself & a friend when literally nothing else did. Are any further studies planned for Sildenafil or similar acting drugs specifically for women? Why hasn't there been more research into non-hormone options for helping women with period pain, missing work, etc.? 


  • What determines the amount of bleeding every period? And how do we know when something is "wrong" for period cycle especially for someone like me whose period can vary from very little to almost excessive and everything in between?
  • I'm only 35 & my periods are now very light...every so often, I get hot flashes too...early menopause or hormone imbalance? 
  • I had my period for 100 days - yes! You read that correctly!! 100 DAYS!!!.  Have stopped it with medication - so frustrated when the docs say "it's normal" I'm 47 and I’m exhausted.

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