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{PODCAST} Interview with Nomadic Yogipreneur Angie Michelle

It’s 2017 and the podcast is BACK!

And we are kicking off the new season and the New Year with one of my favourite people, Angie Michelle of YEG YOGI. She’s an inspired babe and nomadic yoga teacher.

Angie and I talked about how she came to her wellness business, minimalism and more. This was also a fresh take on my girl, as we have known one another for the better part of a decade, but rarely talk business the way we did in the podcast.

You WILL want to get to know Angie better and follow her journey…here’s where you’ll find her.

In the spirit of Minimalism, which we touch on in this episode of the B-Sides Podcast, I want to encourage you to join the Minimalist Kitchen Challenge, to declutter your kitchen, simplify healthy eating and live a delicious life or more with less!