The Importance of Community in Your Business

Let me tell you a story...

I started taking coaching seriously July 3rd, 2017. 

  • I've welcomed SIX ideal clients into my business for 1on1 coaching. 
  • I sold out my bootcamp for newbie network marketers. 

And in just a few months, people now come to me, wanting to work together #AttractionMarketing


Facebook groups. 

When I first embarked on my coaching business, I operated in other FB groups, booking clarity calls and getting people on my list. 

But one thing kept coming up for me, "you should start a FB group, Bianca"

But negative mindset creeped in...

  • "But FB groups are dead"
  • "FB groups are more work than they are worth"

I was limiting myself. 

So on the morning of August 17, I started my own group. The voice in the back of my head wouldn't shut up about it, so I bit the bullet and caved lol. 


In less than a month I have welcomed over 200 people into the group. Booked FOUR 1on1 coaching clients and SKYROCKETED my business. 

I can't believe I resisted. 

BEST PART...I've done it WITHOUT ads and WITHOUT spamming. 

And everyday I welcome more newbie entrepreneurs into the group, searching for support and a safe space to grow. 

Do you want to harness the power of FB groups to grow your business? Are you ready to transform from hobby to business?

Let me show you how to do it RIGHT. 

  • IMAGINE waking up to join requests from your ideal client and watching them come through all day long! 
  • IMAGINE waking up to messages from your ideal client wanting to work with you!

It's all possible, when you get serious about FB groups. 

If you're READY to grow a PROFITABLE FB Group, that get's you clients and makes you money, LET'S your FREE Call With...the TIME IS NOW!