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The Life Changing Habit of Real Talk

iving FULLY inevitably means living outside of your comfort zone, which, if you’ve watched my videos or listened to my podcast, you might be saying “ok, easy for you to say Bianca”, but I’m going to tell you something…

I’m a closet Chicken Shit.

I’m scared of far more things than I’m not.

You wouldn’t be able to tell by hanging out with me or seeing me speak at an event or party. It’s no secret, I’m good with people. But just because I appear fearless, it doesn’t mean that it always comes naturally.

In this episode of the podcast, I talk about living your truth in the real world; because THIS is how we start to break through fears- fear of what people say, fear of failure.

F E A R. the kind that holds you back from ascending to your highest self. The kind that keeps you small. This type of fear has no place in life lived fully.

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