power of momentum

I've always loved being at home, so building a business where I can work from home was always my dream.

Now that it's my reality, I truly am living MY dream.

However, this week upon my return from Alberta (two weeks with my familia aka the perks of location independent business) I arrived to NO INTERNET at my casa.

Now, I ALWAYS try to stay high vibe, but I'll tell ya- it wasn't easy...

  • So with work to be done. 
  • And clients to serve.
  • I was forced to take up office at a coffee shop OR have a harrowing phone bill to show for it re: tethering internet.
NOTE: I used to think people who worked at coffee shops were faking the allure. "What do you mean you get MORE done?!"

I ATE AND DRANK MY WORDS TODAY...I loved working in a coffee shop.

  • Surrounded by other people hustling for their best life!
  • A tasty warm bevy on this chilly Toronto day.
  • And snacks...I love snacks!

Oh Universe, you knew I needed to get momentum back after two weeks away, and you FIRED ME UP by forcing me to step out of my comfort zone of home!

This is the BEAUTY OF MINDSET WORK...2 years ago, not having internet would have sent me on a spiral- anger, sadness, melodrama (if I'm being honest lol).

TODAY I see when the blessing in all situations, GOOD OR BAD.

As entrepreneurs, we have to BOSS UP and MASTER OUR MINDSET, so that we can RISE to our best businesses.

What are you going to do to BOSS UP and RISE to your best life and business?

PLEASE SHARE IN THE COMMENTS! What are you going to reframe from bad to blessing?