The Power of Patience


Patience is what separates the immature entrepreneur from the mature entrepreneur; and it's the unsung hero of business. So often newbie business owners look around at what other more experienced entrepreneurs are doing and compare- I used to do it too; but all this does is make you feel badly about yourself.

Patience, true patience, allows you to act mindfully and not from fear or jealousy. It allows you to grow sustainably and with strategy, without looking for get rich quick schemes. Patience is EVERYTHING!

Here are the THREE things to remember when it comes to being patient in your business...

NO is a Forever Thing

Hearing no is something that happens at every level of business. The only thing that changes is you have more people coming into your business, so you start getting lots of YES, but it doesn't mean that you still don't hear no.

When I first began in business over 8 years ago I assumed there would come a time when everyone would say yes and that I could sit back and chill with all my earnings. I was wrong.

Now that I have a command on sales and marketing, I certainly hear yes more than no; that said, I still hear no. Sometimes I wake up to no's in my email. It's a part of the game baby.

Develop a thick skin, because you will always hear no; but if you build your business strategy, the yes's will come sooner rather than later.

Remember this.

Be Patient aND In Action

Don't sit back and be patient while doing nothing. This is something I see a lot, and not just when it comes to business. People who feel that patience means you act slower or with indecisiveness.

It's the opposite actually. The rewards of patience require that you are continually doing the work and showing up.

So GET INTO ACTION...because if you are doing the daily, weekly, and monthly tasks that are going to move your business forward WHILE waiting patiently for results to arrive, this is where the magic begins to happen for you.

  • Show up consistently.
  • Do the work.
  • The results will follow.

Celebrate Your Wins

This is often forgotten in the long game of entrepreneurship, because, by nature, we as entrepreneurs dream big; and it's easy to get into our heads and be singularly focused on our big goal. That said, we MUST celebrate the small victories.

Small victory celebration is what keeps us in the long game. Celebrating small successes keeps our energy up and help us stay the course.

Entrepreneurship is a LONG ROAD...small victories are the pit stops en route.


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