VOLUMETRICS...90's Diet Renewed!

If you were dieting in the 90's than the concept of Volumetrics is likely not new to you; that said when volumetrics is combined with Intermittent Fasting, weight loss magic is the result.

Allow me to explain...

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The Concept

Volumetrics is based on the concept that we should focus on the volume of food we consume on a daily basis; the idea being that consuming HIGH VOLUMES of LOW CALORIE foods will leave you full and satisfied, while feeling unrestricted.

The Focus...ReImagined

The main focus is on energy density (aka calorie density) which involves calorie counting; and, although, I'm not a huge fan of calorie counting, I like to apply the principles of volumetrics from a less finicky perspective.

So instead of calories counting, look at how you can eat foods that have lower energy density in large quantities OR how you can take high density foods and stretch them out.

For Instance...

Eating a giant salad with cucumber, lettuce, tomato and a fatty fish like salmon and crumbled nuts. The salmon and the nuts are high energy density (read: calorie rich) but by using the low density, high water foods like lettuce, cucumber and tomato as a vehicle for the salmon and nuts, leaves you feeling full and satisfied using the theory of volumetrics.

Soup...Your Volumetrics Friend In Arms

I know it's summer , and potentially the thought of eating soup is far from your minds, but hear me out. Soup is THE volumetrics play.


Because by adding a flavourful broth to add bulking and volume to high energy density foods is what soup is at it's basis.

Soup is hydrating and the water acts as a vehicle for the high energy density food, but because volumetric nature of liquid, you will feel fuller faster- while still feeling satisfied!

Big Appetite? Volumetrics is for you...

I used to have the BIGGEST appetite, for many reason, one of them being I could always put large amounts of food away; but since applying the principles of volumetrics to my Intermittent Fasting protocol, I am still able to eat until I feel full and still maintain my weight ( or lose if that's what you're after).

Would you implement the principles of Volumetrics in your weight loss efforts?

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