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{WEBSITES} Squarespace vs. Wordpress

You may or may not know that this website is built on Squarespace, and that my love for Squarespace runs deep; however, because I've built TWO websites on Wordpress I have come to love the ease and security this CMS provides- my Wordpress website for my brick and mortar business was hacked ALL. THE. TIME.


First and foremost, customization is KEY if you want to look professional and differentiate yourself. This isn't to say that you cannot build a business if your website is simple, it only means that having a website which puts your best face forward will go a long way to help you grow.

Wordpress has MANY widgets and plug-ins that you can use to customize your website, but from experience, customizing a Wordpress website is not an easy feat; and a basic to intermediate level of HTML understanding is definitely an advantage.

Did I have HTML experience when I started out? No, but building two Wordpress websites gave me a crash course in HTML.

Squarespace on the other hand employs a drag and drop editor, meaning you literally drag the feature that you want, where you want it and input the information. Ie. Image: drag and drop image block and upload the photo. Simple.

If you are planning to DIY your website, Squarespace is a much better solution.


With a Squarespace website you are able to host within Squarespace; however on Wordpress you have to host your domain and website elsewhere, like GoDaddy or Bluehost. What you are using Wordpress for is the content management system, also known as a CMS and all it's related plugins.

In addition to hosting your website, Squarespace will host videos, podcasts and anything that requires a host. If you like versatility, Squarespace offers versatility for the Newbie entrepreneur.


My Wordpress website was hacked, multiple times; and there is nothing worse then when what is supposed to work, stops working- if ya know what I mean?! After many years of building and maintaining my website, I now know why.

Every plugin you use on your Wordpress site is stand-alone; meaning it has been made by a company that makes plugins and they are required to keep the plugin updated and bug free. Should you not update your plugins regularly or if the company stops updating the plugin, you're up a creek; you either have to switch plugins and integrate a new one in its place or risk viruses and spam.

On Squarespace your website is protected, why? Because EVERYTHING. HAPPENS. IN SQUARESPACE. Because Squarespace hosts the website and creates the plugins they put in security measures to continually protect itself- and you!

In Conclusion

I cannot tell you which CMS is going to work for you, Wordpress or Squarespace; all I can do it inform of my experience and the rest is up to you.

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