Bianca Osbourne

Food Entrepreneur + Client Attraction Strategist

Here's what I know about success...

  • Success take STRATEGY
  • Success takes a PLAN
  • Success takes SUPPORT 

I'm Bianca, FOOD ENTREPRENEUR and CLIENT ATTRACTION STRATEGIST for Newbie Entrepreneurs and I help entrepreneurs go from BROKE to FULLY BOOKED, making money doing what they love.

  • I have been an entrepreneur for 8 YEARS.
  • In that time I have been in a business PARTNERSHIP with a friend (catering), but decided I wanted friendship more than a company and saw myself out.
  • I have been a CLEANING COMPANY operator, to put myself through nutrition school. Side note, the money is VERY GOOD in the cleaning business; if you're unsure of what kind of business you want to start, this is an excellent option ;)
  • I have been a BRICK AND MORTAR FOOD BUSINESS OPERATOR, where we specialized in healthy prepared meals, cooking lesson, healthy catering and nutrition coaching; maxing out at a total of 6 employees. I hated it. And I knew quickly that if I was to stay, it would quickly become something I would be trapped in.

Now I'm a HIGH END PRIVATE CHEF AND NUTRITIONIST, helping busy families and professionals support themselves with deliciously healthy meals.

In every iteration of my entrepreneurial journey one thing has remained the same, CLIENTS MEAN MONEY; without them, this is a hobby.



Because I'm an Entrepreneur, I UNDERSTAND Entrepreneurs

  • I UNDERSTAND entrepreneurs want create thriving businesses.
  • I UNDERSTAND entrepreneurs need clients .
  • I UNDERSTAND entrepreneurs want to make money in their businesses

I KNOW business

  • I KNOW profitable business takes strategy.
  • I KNOW how to start profitable businesses.
  • I KNOW how to grow profitable businesses.
  • I KNOW I can help you do for your business what I did for mine.

I've been a newbie entrepreneur and I know that it's like to feel LOST and WONDERING HOW TO GET CLIENTS and start making MONEY.

  • Let's chat. 
  • Let's dive into your business.
  • Let's find solutions.

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