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To my Potential Partner,


My name is Bianca Osbourne, I’m professionally trained chef and certified holistic nutritionist based in Toronto, Ontario. I write deliciously healthy recipes from the perspective of a chef with a nutritional approach. I provide meal planning guidance and easy recipe inspiration to encourage people to harness the power of whole food to rise to their healthiest and highest selves. I look forward to hearing from you and am excited to collaborate with brands, businesses, and food/wellness outlets throughout North America. 

Why sponsor me, Bianca Osbourne?

Traditional television and print advertisements don’t work like they used to. A 2009 study found that only 13% of television viewers watch commercials. Over half of viewers fast forward or tune out.

Marketers that prioritize blogging are 13 TIMES more likely to get positive return on investment, or ROI. (“State of Inbound” 2014.)
Blogs are the fifth most trusted online service per a recent survey conducted by Technorati.
Shareaholic found that 70% of people want to learn about products through content, rather than through traditional advertising.

More about me! Here are some hard facts about my website, As a potential partner, you deserve to know the facts before investing. I'll charm you later;)

  • My page views on for January stand at 2226 page views (as of January 14). The website is currently on pace to reach 5000+ page views for January.
  • Top traffic sources are from the United States (that’s where most buyers or high value users originate from)
  • My podcast has 488 subscribers (December 2016) 763 subscribers (as of Jan 13, 2017)
  •  3018 Instagram followers (as of Jan 15, 2017)
  • Pinterest account is followed by 526 people
  • Facebook 1995 likes. Facebook group, How to Eat, 433 members

I work with food brands and companies on culinary and wellness focused subjects, as I love to bring awareness to products that help people live a deliciously health life! I publish at least two article a week, 1 podcast and 1 recipe. My process for publishing sponsored posts is as follows:

  1. payment taken
  2. headline approved
  3. blog post written
  4. changes made if requested by client;
  5. final copy approved
  6. blog post scheduled
  7. blog post published

Offers + Pricing:

  • $150 for sponsored recipe blog post featuring your business/product includes 1 Instagram post + 1 repost 30 days after post, including original photography.
  • $250 for sponsored recipe blog post featuring your business/product includes 1 Instagram post + 1 repost 30 days later + product feature in the How to Eat FB Group.
  • $350 for sponsored recipe blog post featuring your business/product includes 1 Instagram post + 1 repost 30 days later, product feature in the How to Eat FB Group and live FB Livestream recipe demo on the Bianca Osbourne FB page.


$15 for repost of your article to my Pinterest Recipe/Food/Nutrition/Blog Share group boards.

  • Best Holistic Health Tips from Bloggers: 1.5k followers
  • Favorite Blogger Recipes: 1.2k followers
  • Whole Food Recipes 20.3k followers
  • Only The Yummiest Recipes: 1.3k followers
  • All the Yummilicious Recipes: 6.3k followers
  • Best Healthy Recipes and Nutrition Articles: 8.3k followers
  • Share Your Blog: 2.2k followers
  • Whats For Dinner: 8.5k followers
  • Food Bloggers Share Alliance: 9.1k followers
  • Epic Recipes: 4.6k followers

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this quick introduction to Bianca Osbourne and what I have to offer. I look forward to working together!