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{BUSINESS} Why You Need Entrepreneur Friends

Entrepreneurship is lonely sometimes. There are moments when you feel absolutely alone.

But believe it or not, there are lots of people, just like you, who are Newbie entrepreneurs. They are going through the same thing as you and they are, likely, facing the same obstacles and thinking they're completely alone too.

But you're never alone Newbie.

You need to make friends in business. Not just for the business connections- which is a bonus- but for the ability to bond with someone on the same journey as you. 

You can vent and have this person know exactly where you're coming from.

You can celebrate your first 100 followers or your first email subscriber, and they'll celebrate with you, knowing how big of a deal those things are.

Friendship in business is essential Newbie. So where can you find business friends?


When I first started my business, I networked my FACE off; if there was a delicious meal and a reason to network, I was there. And this was great for my business, because nothing beats face to face interaction. 

Sign up for Meet-Up.com and find local business networking events in your area. Who do you want to get to know? Bonus points if you want to hang out where your ideal client hangs out.

Attend Conferences

If you want to maximize your reach, you need to go to conferences. Conferences are where large groups of OUR people gather, which means so many new friends!

Find conferences in your niche- local, national and international- and go.

Join Facebook Groups

I love Facebook. 

My ideal client is on Facebook. My friends are on Facebook. Everything is on Facebook.

Facebook groups are where you can get support in real time from people ALL OVER THE WORLD just like you. The internet is truly amazing!

I want you to do me a favour Newbie, join me in the Profitable Newbie Facebook Group. I'm in the group mentoring and supporting you to your best business. There's video, articles,live tutorials and a safe space for you to learn the skills needed to thrive as an entrepreneur.

Join the Profitable Newbie Facebook Group HERE