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{EAT} Minimalist Meal Planning

Meal planning is something that is close to my heart; as in, I do it daily as a part of my job as high end private chef. However, so often I see people flounder at this process and therefore flounder at making deliciously healthy meals and reaching their wellness goals.

Make NO mistake, you rise to your healthiest self in your kitchen; you simply cannot outrun a bad diet- I don’t care what you’ve heard…

Here's the deal with meal planning, the first grocery shop of every month will consist of a bigger shopping list; as you will get your dry goods for the full month at the start of the month. Why? Because this will help you plan meals more effectively.

Today I will share how you can live a delicious life of more with less- less ingredients, less prep time and less headaches- how nice!

The Master List

Creating a master list is how you create a Minimalist Kitchen, because if it's not on the list, it's not going in your grocery cart and it's not coming into your kitchen. Plain and simple. You MUST stick to this tenant, if not, kitchen clutter will once again fill your pantry and refrigerator.

So how does one create a master list?

Create Categories

You have to divide everything into categories, think meats, grains, canned items etc.; keeping in mind what you like to eat and your goals. If your goal is to eat less carbs, then adjust your list accordingly. If you want to eat less sugar, you guessed it, adjust your list accordingly.

NOTE: all of this is information is under the assumption that you’ve already gone through the process of decluttering your kitchen. I will help you with this process in the Minimalist Kitchen Challenge HERE

On this master list you will list all of your favourites in each category. If you LOVE chicken, put it on the list, if you sometimes eat salmon, put it on the list. This will not be your main list for weekly purchases, but this is the list from which you make your list and cross check what's going on in your fridge, freezer and pantry; to avoid the dreaded multi-purchase of the same item.

Monthly BIG Buy

At the beginning of the month you are going to buy the certain items in bulk, however, these bulk items should be used in their entirety by the end of the month to ensure things don't start getting cluttered. The issue with carrying things over is by the end of the month you will probably want to change it up, which means the remainder will sit in the pantry taking up space and creating clutter. And in this instance, clutter is a four letter word.

The Weekly Buy

From the master list and using those items as your guide, you build your weekly grocery list and menu.

On Day 6 of the Minimalist Kitchen Challenge I share my weekly list and menu, which consists of 17 items weekly and and 13 items for the monthly big buy.


If you don't dig leftovers, life will become cluttered in the kitchen; because you are having to make fresh meals day after day, which means HEAPS of groceries- and clutter.

When planning your meals from your master list, account for leftovers. And I challenge you to think of leftovers differently. Put your mind toward how you create a different tasting meals, with similar ingredients.

On Day 6 of the Minimalist Kitchen Challenge I share my how you can you remix meals to make leftovers feel fresh.

When I was thinking of how I can be of service in 2017, it became clear, I want to make eating healthy uncomplicated and uncluttered.

So I put together a challenge to help you wherever you are in your journey, to declutter your kitchen and simplify this process. Pain, anxiety, obesity, weight loss and perfection are just a few of the preoccupations that keep us from fully embracing the fleeting moments of our limited time- like breaking bread with those we love and enjoying tasty meals. And when we clutter our kitchens, and fill our cupboards with things we don’t need, we end up focusing on the wrong things.

It’s about simplicity and through the Minimalist Kitchen Challenge I will help you live a delicious life of MORE with LESS. You’ll learn how to create space in your kitchen so that you can rise to your healthiest and highest self; I’ll share how you can create amazing, delicious and healthy meals with a small grocery list.