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{EAT} New Years Resolution Success with Minimalism

We live in a world where on the first day of a new year a legion of people set a wellness goal to lose weight, drop lbs, fit into this by that day or whatever; and we think we are supporting these goals by buying into a new diet or filling our cupboards and fridges with the latest superfoods and gadgets.

Yet many people fail. And worse yet, feel like failures.

This year I challenge you to think differently and ask yourself, that maybe you aren’t the one who failed, instead maybe it was your method.

Minimalism is one of the best ways to support your wellness goals because it takes the complicated and uncomplicates it. Instead of wondering how many grams of protein you should eat or if this superfood is thermogenic, Minimalistic eating is simply asking yourself the questions, does this make me feel good when I eat it? Does this food (or drink) support or demean my goals?

Sounds too easy right? But if you run everything you put into your mouth through those two questions, your ability to reach your goals becomes easy. Because, sometimes, even the BEST food can make you feel shitty- like kale for instance, which has given many a client of mine digestive grief.

This is the point about minimalism, it’s not about this diet or that diet, that can feel complicated and/or confusing, it is simply eating what makes you feel food- like really feel good, not just feels good in the moment but makes you tired and gross feeling ultimately. Do you feel energized when you eat it? Does your once sluggish digestion start kicking again when you eat it? That’s what feel good food is; and it can be different for everyone.

This year, I want to help you remove the clutter in your kitchen and simplify your meals by ditching the diets and the unending lists of “must eats” with the Minimalist Kitchen Challenge.

In the Minimal Kitchen Challenge, I will cover how to tackle a cluttered kitchen, how to make DELICIOUSLY HEALTHY meals with a small and uncomplicated grocery list (less than 17 items weekly) and most importantly I will show you how to live a delicious life of more with less.