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{EAT} The Minimalist Kitchen Challenge

I had big plans to release the Delicious Detox in the New Year, but something just didn’t feel right; I mean, the recipes are delicious and so is the content, but I was putting it off and putting off and I finally figured out why.

Being a chef and nutritionist that’s guided many people in getting their wellness house in order, the one thing I notice time and time again is that we make it so hard for ourselves. The world tells us we need this superfood, this pot, this pan, this knife, this this and this that.

And it doesn’t need to be this complicated. It really shouldn’t be this hard.

Over the last few months I’ve been quietly minimizing the stuff around me and decluttering my life; out a desire for a simpler, yet more abundant life. And despite not knowing if I completely identify as a minimalist, there are many reasons for minimalism, and everyone comes to it differently.

When it comes to the kitchen and cooking, the primary benefits of a minimalistic life are that it eases the pressures of preparing food and encourages eating at home; leaving space for you to enjoy the process of getting healthy and harnessing the power of whole food.

So, when I was thinking of how I can be of service in 2017, it became clear, I want to make eating healthy uncomplicated and uncluttered.

So I put together a challenge to help you wherever you are in your journey, to help you declutter your kitchen and simplify this process. Pain, anxiety, obesity, weight loss and perfection are just a few of the preoccupations that keep us from fully embracing the fleeting moments of our limited time. And when we clutter our kitchens, and fill our cupboards with things we don’t need, we end up focusing on the wrong things.

It’s about simplicity and through the Minimalist Kitchen Challenge I will help you live a delicious life of MORE with LESS. You’ll learn how to create space in your kitchen so that you can rise to your healthiest and highest self; I’ll share how you can create amazing, delicious and healthy meals with a small grocery list.

This challenge is about creating more with less. It’s about a return to simplicity. Because it shouldn’t be as hard as we’ve been making it.

If you want it to be different in 2017, join me for this challenge.