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{MEAL PLANNING} Lemon Herb Crusted Salmon

Today I wanted to share one of the recipes that will be featured in the Delicious Detox which is coming at the end of the month. FYI it goes on sale after Easter weekend and we start on the 27th.

Harkening back to my point in today's video, it's important to have recipe congruence, meaning that you take the pressure off the process when you find ways to make planning and executing your cleanse easy. So instead of finding recipes with all sorts of different items, look to find recipes that have similar ingredients, prepared in the same way so you consolidate your efforts.

Herb Crusted Salmon


This chickpea crusted salmon, which you wouldn't know that there is also a snack hidden in here. You see the chickpeas for the crust double in another recipe as a snack of crispy baked chickpeas. So when I take the skins off the chickpeas for my snack chickpeas, I'm also doing it for the crust; when I saute the chickpeas in a pan, i'm doing it for both recipes; and only when it's time to make the chickpea crust, do I remove the crust chickpeas from the pan, while the crispy roasted chickpeas go into the oven, to come out as one of the most satisfying snacks.

I see quite often when people decide to kickstart their health that they become overwhelmed, which leads them to quit or not even start in the first place; this need not be the case. Instead find ways to make it happen. Only have time to make four amazingly cleansing and delicious items for the week? No problem, make them, eat them and feel accomplished. 

If I've said it once, I've said it thousands of times, look at cleansing, meal planning etc. through the lens of your life and then make a plan of action.

This salmon recipe is an exercise in ease, because salmon is super easy, take the filet out of the package and boom, it's ready to be cooked. And the chickpea crust, is less than 5 minutes to prepare; then bake time, which is hands off time. 

Et voila, cleanse friendly, taste bud friendly and everything you need for a complete meal.