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{MEAL PLANNING} Meal Planning Made Easy Cheat Sheet

Meal Planning Made Easy

I make no bones about the fact that Meal Planning is the key to success in the kitchen. Whether your goal is to feel more energetic, lose weight, improve digestion or craft abundant immunity, it all starts in the kitchen.

As a private chef and holistic nutritionist I plan and prepare lots of meals for clients and I wouldn't be able to do it, successfully and with ease, without a plan. And as a minimalist, I know it can be done with a minimal list and a small but mighty arsenal of kitchen gadgets.

Make no mistake, you can eat deliciously healthy meals that IMPRESS without having to spend your life in the kitchen- this is my solemn promise.

Meal Planning Made Easy Cheat Sheet

I put all my tips down on paper (or pdf) for you use to plan meals in your kitchen. This cheat sheet is perfect no matter what dietary plan you follow or how many people are in your home.

And I break it all down to what you should do monthly, bi-weekly and weekly, so you can pick up start today.

So here's how you use the cheat sheet.

  • Download it- the obvious step
  • Join the How to Eat FB Group and take a peek at all the recipes. Choose which ones you want to make
  • Grab a piece of paper and divide it into sections. Monthly, bi-weekly, weekly
  • Using the guide and the recipes, fill in each section.

And this right here, friends, is the foundation of Meal Planning success. Now go forward in all deliciousness!