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{MEAL PLANNING} The Masterclass is NOW OPEN!

I have been working on this for MONTHS...or years, if you count the last 3 times I've run the Meal Planning Masterclass; but this time is different.

This time the Meal Planning Masterclass is created with ease and saving time in mind; because that is what I have been hearing from people "Bianca, help me plan meals but not have to spend more time in the kitchen". 

So I listened.

The Meal Planning Masterclass

Ongoing Support

Some of the feedback I received from the last iterations of the Meal Planning Masterclass were that it was too short, or didn't cover everything people needed; which is why I decided to make it a monthly membership program, with WEEKLY recipe, grocery lists, prep plans, cooking demo's (so you know exactly what the dishes are supposed to look like) and continued support from me.

I wanted you to feel more supported than ever, so that you can master meal planning once and for all.

A Minimalists Approach

As many of you may know I am a minimalist and I weaved this throughout the Meal Planning Masterclass; meaning, smaller grocery lists, less prep but MORE delicious meals, because I will show you how to make similar ingredients taste completely different without too much effort and I will help you fall in love with leftover- but leftovers done right!

This means that you will SAVE TIME; which is why we meal plan in the first place, right?!

Join Me

I want to invite you to join the Meal Planning Masterclass before March 25th, to enjoy a special blog readers discount, get $5.00 off your monthly membership fee, so instead of it being $49.00/month, you will lock in at $44.00 per month.

Simply use the discount code BLOG to lock in this price FOREVER...which is saying a lot, because the value I will deliver in the Meal Planning Masterclass is worth so much more and the price will go up!

So what are you waiting for?...