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{MINIMALIST KITCHEN} Kitchen Essentials Guide

It's no secret that I think kitchen clutter is pretty much a four letter word; because, simply put, most of our kitchens are crammed with stuff we DO NOT need, as we have all been guilty of getting sucked into the gadget craze.

As you work through the Minimalist Kitchen Challenge (if you haven't joined, join HERE) I guide you through getting rid of the unnecessary and keeping only that which is valuable. So I thought I would share with you EXACTLY what I keep and why.

REMEMBER when you get rid of the unnecessary it then becomes about QUALITY...I'm sure you've heard it said before, quantity over quality and I will reiterate; it's better to have one AMAZING pan, than five sh*tty ones. So if you have a slew of crappy items, get rid of them, buy quality and you won't have to replace them for years...I know it seems counter intuitive, but trust me, quality matters in the kitchen.


I believe that a blender is more pertinent than a food processor, because you can do *most* of the same tasks of a food processor in a blender, but you can't make a smoothie or nut milk in a food processor.

CARE TIPS: NEVER put a blade of any kind in your dishwasher; the heat will dull the blade and compromise the quality of your equipment. Less is more, but because we have less we need to care for what we have!

Chef's Knife

A chef's knife is crucial to anything cooking related, because you've got to cut, right?! You also need something to hone and sharpen the blade, like a sharpening steel- they are well worth it; a dull knife is unsafe and, quite frankly, annoying!


A stick resistant ecopan is phenomenal to have. You can sear meats, make omelettes, saute vegetables and so much more in them and you only need one. I often go into people's homes to cook and they have, like, seven pans- NOT NECESSARY. Get one, make sure it's high quality and treat it right. Pans should never see the inside of a dishwasher.


Soups, stocks, bone broths, stews, pasta and the like are made in a pot, so you need one. If you know you will be making large quantities, go big; but most of us only need a mid sized pot, 6-quartz should do. Again, no dishwasher- EVER.

Glass Storage Containers

It's imperative that you know what you have in your pantry and cupboards; and keeping items in janky boxes piled super high impedes the process of minimalist meal planning and usually leads to buying multiples of one item. Glass storage containers ensure that you can see EXACTLY what you have, in order to make your lists accordingly!

Baking Sheet

For roasting and baking, it's essential to have to a baking sheet. Make sure it's sturdy and use silicone mats to prevent burning and browning of the sheet.


When it comes to utensils, it becomes very personal. If you have a family of 5 you'll want enough place settings for you all, plus a few for grandparents or friends who visit. 

"What if I host a dinner party? you ask..." If you host a dinner party once a month, well then, yes, provide for that; however, if you host 3 or 4 times a year, consider renting dish ware. The perks are you don't have to wash anything {!!!) and the cost is very inclusive!

You'll also want to have a good set of cooking utensils like a spatula, a whisk, a few wooden spoons (no dishwasher for these), a ladle, a turner and tongs; and these will sort you out just fine for whatever deliciousness you plan on cooking up!

This list is obviously meant to serve a guide; but this is what is housed in my kitchen and I make f*cking magic with this small list. For various reasons your needs may exceed mine- kids, allergy accommodations, etc.; but this list is just that, a guide, to get you started.

Ready to Create a Minimalist Kitchen?