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{NUTRITION} Drink Wisely This Holiday Season

In my world the holidays are synonymous with imbibing; from wine swaps with the girls, festive brunches with mimosa’s, holiday party eggnog and champagne cheers on New Years, alcohol can be hard to avoid- and I’m not suggestion you do! However, there are ways that we can tip the scales back in our favour this holiday season.

Avoid the Holiday Hangover

Hangovers happen, but don’t let a holiday hangover sap your yuletide cheer. You can bounce back, quickly, with these hangover tips.

Peppermint Tea

Hangovers are characterized by digestive distress, mint is known to calm a stomach in turmoil. Pop two peppermint tea bags in 1 litre of water and put in the fridge to cold steep. Chug it before going to bed after a party; if you forget, as soon as you wake up down the whole things.

Coconut Oil

There’s a reason why we crave a greasy spoon after a night of holiday merrymaking, booze depletes the body of it’s nutrient reserves. Upon waking, take one tablespoon of coconut oil to start the restorative process.


The aforementioned depletion also takes a toll on us at our most basic cellular level, protein will help even further the restorative process.


If you aren’t a coffee drinker, a hangover is not the time to start the habit; however, if you are a card carrying coffee loyalist, don’t skip your regular cuppa, the withdrawal from the caffeine combined with the hangover are too much for one person to bear!

Coconut ‘Nog

I love eggnog but traditional eggnog is heavy- HEAVY; and if the preparer of said ‘nog hasn’t brushed up on their food handling p’s and q’s then you could be in for an eggnog kamikaze, where “it” comes out of both ends…buuuut, this doesn’t need to be the case.

My Coconut ‘Nog Recipe is one of those recipes that can be swapped and not a soul will know that it’s a healthier and vegan option- for real!

  • It’s spicy.

  • It’s sweet.

  • It’s an exercise in having your cake (or eggnog) and eating it too.

It’s in the Thrive During the Holidays eGuide.