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{NUTRITION} Survive the Holiday Party

The Holiday Party get’s us all. With cocktails, appetizers, creamy drinks and sweet baking, we can find it hard to stay on track with our health goals during this festive time. And, although, I believe that the holidays are the time to indulge, there are ways to enjoy your holiday party and maintain abundant vitality!

There are a few tips that I live and die by during the holiday season; and, as always, you can trust that these tips are all about balance!

Eat a snack before going to a party

Have a smoothie, fruit or a few crackers with vegetables and hummus so hunger won’t rule your choices. Here’s the deal, if you go to a holiday party hungry, you will be posted up by the buffet stuffing your face with all the bad stuff. Eating a well balanced snack before your holiday party (a smoothie perhaps?) you will make better choices at the buffet.

Indulge – moderately.

NO DEPRIVATION, just take small portions and eat slowly; that way you’ll eat less and savour more. Sometimes I am guilty of eating just for flavour, but often a bite is all I need. A small taste can satisfy your craving, keep that in mind this holiday season.

Bring a healthy alternative for party guests; this guarantees a healthy option for you. A healthy option that you can gorge on if you feel like eating for the flavour ;)

Give guilt a vacation – it’s just another holiday stress.

If you overeat, don’t worry; I have something for you in the new year to get you back on track, ahem, the Delicious Detox…but seriously, this is the time for family, friends, joy and love, so screw guilt. If you have a treat, have the damn treat, savour it, and move on; life is too short to waste the beautiful moments feeling guilty.

Master the Holiday Appetizer

Beans, Beans, BEANS! Hummus and veg is a classic combo, and the perfect party appetizer. High in fibre, protein, and healthy fats, hummus is a phenomenal addition to your holiday party buffet. Chickpea, White Beans, Black Beans and even beets make for a lovely hummus- which doubles as a lovely post party detox food.


Hummus need not be boring, especially when you roll it up! With a vegetable peeler, shave thin, long strips of carrots and zucchini; with a teaspoon, spoon hummus onto the end of the vegetable strip. Roll up and stand on a platter; sprinkle with hemp seeds.

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