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{RECIPES} Holiday Pre-TOX Cleanse

My motto during the holidays is "Detox to Retox" which means that I have to earn my party or my retox.

We all know the holidays are indulgent, and I would never suggest you sit out the good times of the season; instead I suggest balance.

  • Big night of drinking ahead? Drink green juice and eat balanced salads with greens.
  • Cookie making party with the girls? Eat a hearty bowl of soup before you go so that your blood sugar is balanced and you don't eat ALL the cookies!

I want you to enjoy the season, because I plan on it...so I have a gift for you, the Holiday Pretox, a TWO-DAY gentle cleanse intended to keep everything working in the right order during the festive months.

You'll also get healthy cocktail party recipes, healthy Christmas Dinner recipes and my nutritionist tips for staying healthy during the holidays.

Enjoy the recipes


Get Your Two-Day Pre-TOX and Earn Your Fun This Holiday Season!