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{RECIPES} How to Eat

As a chef AND holistic nutritionist I have made it my life's work to show you how to harness the power of whole food to rise to your healthiest and highest self. I do this as a high end private chef, taking the burden of preparing healthy meals off the hands of my clients; and as a certified holistic nutritionist I create online programs and effervescent (online and offline) cooking classes and courses to empower YOU to get back in the kitchen.

But I understand that for some people wellness is what is holding them back from being able to work, being able to rise to the abundance they need in order to afford my services, which is why I created my FREE FB Group, How to Eat, because I believe in the law of circulation- give and receive. 

Pictured in this post are just some of the recipes that you'll find in the How to Eat Community- cranberry smoothie, almond chive gremolata and cheesy veggie rolls; in addition to the recipes, you have access to me, to ask questions about cooking or nutrition. 

I give of myself and my knowledge completely in the group, and I would be so happy to have you join.

From smoothies, soups, salads and juice, there are recipes for everyone- vegetarian, vegan , Paleo's and more. Inclusion has ALWAYS been the name of my game, and the How to Eat Group is no different.

It would be my absolute pleasure to have; see you in the group!