You've been tossing around the idea of MINIMALISM

but "HOW?"

Why are you still "thinking" and "overthinking" instead of DOING?

It's TIME to create space for YOUR BEST LIFE TO MANIFEST.

It's TIME to create A PLAN. 


WEEK ONE: What Kind of Minimalist Are You?

UNDERSTAND YOUR VALUES AND IDENTIFY YOUR MINIMALISM STYLE: identify not only what needs to go, but triggers that lead you to purchase and hang on to things.

GOAL SETTING BASED ON YOUR MINIMALISM STYLE: Create personalized and sustainable goals and milestones based on your minimalism style. 

WEEK TWO: Minimalism Systems

ORGANIZATION STRATEGIES: learn how to create the success framework of minimalism in your home and life. INCLUDES supplies list.

WEEK THREE: Minimalism Habits

BOUNDARIES: learn how to create boundaries around your minimalism lifestyle, including working minimalism in with children and other dynamics.

MONEY MINIMALISM: learn how to grow your wallet with minimalism. This is NOT about being cheap, it's about creating an abundance plan through minimalism.

WEEK FOUR: Making It Stick

CREATING YOUR SUCCESS PLAN: create your maintenance plan, including tracking systems and schedule.


FOUR TRAINING MODULES supported with handouts and homework to implement.

WEEKLY LIVESTREAM + Q&A for any questions that come up and a deep dive into the training modules.

COMMUNITY: Private FB Group to connect, to share your progress, to bitch (let's be honest ;) Support is key to this process.

60-MINUTE COACHING SESSION: Scheduled during WEEK ONE for personalized guidance, so you implement the program content effectively.

The Minimalism 4-Week Mastermind
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