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Does this sound familiar?

  • You are working every moment- late-nights, early mornings, weekends, and even holidays, yet you feel unfulfilled, like there has to be something more.
  • You are trying everything you can think of, shopping, travel, more shopping and yet you still feel a longing.

  • You know you are meant for amazing things ...if only you could figure out what.
  • You are 100% overwhelmed by all the stuff and clutter in your life.
  • You are so overwhelmed you don't know what to do first so you either do nothing or a lot of things inconsistently neither of which seem to be working for you.


Everything mentioned above? That was me a year ago. I had just closed my brick and mortar business that, when I opened I thought would make me happy and fill the void; instead I was burned out, sad and the longing I always felt was still there. And I didn't get it. I had money in the bank, a place to live, a closet full of clothes and, yet, something felt like it was missing. I felt like there had to be more to life than this and it was crushing me. 

Once I got out of my pity party I looked at it from a different perspective. "what if it isn’t about the stuff?"…I knew that if I wanted feel better- to feel fulfilled- something had to change.  

I knew that I needed to start focusing on something else, because what I was focusing on wasn’t working for me anymore. also knew there had to be a way to live my best life without it being about the stuff I had or that I didn't have.  

You see I’ve long struggled with self confidence and worth and I placed my personal value in the amount of valuables I had. But, deep down, I knew there had to be a better way to live life.

Then I saw an interview about minimalism and I was intrigued. So I took a look at how they lived and did what they did. I took a look at my life and what was essential to my happiness. And it all led me to one thing: less is MORE.

In order to live a life of more you can't focus on the wrong things and think "If I buy more, I’ll be happier." NO! You have to go back to basics, focus on what’s essential and rise to your best self- and this has ZERO to do with stuff. 

So that is exactly what I did. I de-cluttered my home, my business and my relationships, in just 12 months by going after a life of more, by focusing on having less excess. But it wasn't just about the stuff. It was about a systematic, full proof plan that I followed to determine what was essential in my life and getting rid of the rest.

I’m happier, I’m lighter, my business direction is clearer than ever before and the people who I surround myself fuel me with so much joy and love it’s hard to articulate.

I want you to know that I am not extra special and I do not have access to exclusive resources and tools. I just created a system that works. If I can do this, I promise you can too!


You want more space in your life and you deserve to live an uncluttered life- figuratively and literally. I want to help you get rid of the clutter so you can enjoy a life of more with less!


You have unique gifts and talents. I believe we are here to help people with our knowledge and expertise. Enough of wasting energy on people and things that steal joy from your life. I want to help you help more people in your life, by finding your tribe!


The number one way to step into simpler, yet more abundant life, is to follow a plan that works. Not one that overwhelms you and makes you want to go crazy and pull your hair out. I want to give you a plan that works!


Transitioning to minimalism can be lonely business. Between friends in real life and even spouses not understanding what you are doing to having problems letting go, it's lonely out there. I want to help you not feel so alone by giving you a community that will lift you up and help you grow!

• A private group coaching program dedicated to helping you transition to minimalism the right way to help you focus on the essential, declutter your life, and rise to your healthiest and highest self. Let's do this .png

What You Get...

Weekly Office Hours

No question goes unanswered!

Weekly office hours, outside of coaching sessions, where I answer your minimalism questions in depth. No question goes unanswered or unsolved!

Accountability Challenges

Let's get stuff done!

Accountability challenges focused on one minimalism idea broken down into tasks to help you get it done. Let’s get stuff DONE!

Support During Challenges

I am here to help you!

The accountability challenges will include detailed support and help from me so you don't get stuck. I am here to help you!

Private Facebook Group

Let's support each other!

A private Facebook group to help each other get better-- support on steroids. 

Free Minimalist Meal Plans and Webinars

Get access to topics & experts free!

All members of The Minimalist Society will get free access to my minimalist meal plans and monthly webinars. 

The Accountability Challenges Explained...

Each month we are going to cover a minimalist topic in depth with action steps for you to complete the challenge. This isn't just sit back and learn a new topic. This is about implementing it in your life, to get results!


“Bianca’s emails and information are great! I REALLY appreciate her healthy and innovative yet REAL approach to minimalist food and meals. I also have tried SO many healthy recipes that have left me feeling like I was missing something. BUT her recipes have been a %100 success for me and have even hit the "monthly staples" collection of recipe rotation.” A. Pawluk
“I just want to say thank-you to you. Although I’m not totally there yet, I've been cleaning out my cabinets, making space on my counters and it feels good!” J. Patterson
 “Your emails and tips have been so helpful! I love this already! Thank you!!” A. Schackow
“I just wanted to send you a quick note telling you how much I’ve been LOVING your guidance!  What a great idea for the beginning of the year!  I love love love minimalism, and consider myself pretty good, but got some great tips from your Minimalist challenge.  THANK YOU for what you do!” C. Zongol


This is a society for people who want to grow as people. I will be challenging you to take bold action and do tasks to help you rise to your best self. In order to do them you must have the desire to grow and get better!


This is a society for people who want to do the work of decluttering to live a life of more with less. I want to make sure you get everything you can out of our time together. I want you to put the right plan in place to grow your yourself and focus on what’s essential and that will take work. But I promise you it will be the most fun work you have ever done!


I am asking you to hold my hand and jump right into this society. I ask you to trust me and follow my process for living a life of more with less. I promise you I will help you reach your highest potential- if you trust me!


You will get weekly office hours, accountability, coaching, challenges, a private Facebook group and exclusive content, plus the opportunity to grow your yourself with a coach who has been there, plus an amazing community of like-minded minimalists for $149.99!

How will The Minimalist Society help me?

It will help you grow but it will be more than that. It is a group of like-minded individuals that are all in the same place. It will be a sense of community and make the transition to minimalism less lonely. 

Is there a limited number of spots?

Yes, 50 spots, because I am super serious about making The Minimalist Society work for you, I believe the only way I can do that is to keep the group small; I’m only one person and I want to give you my all. I can only do that if I keep this group small and manageable. I want you to get everything you need from me and The Minimalist Society and keeping it small will allow me to do just that! 

Can I talk to you before I sign up for The Minimalist Society?

Absolutely! I want you to trust me when signing up for The Minimalist Society, so please feel free to email me at with any questions before OR after you sign up. :)

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